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Todd is an adventurous nomadic digital artist and is thankful that he gets to share his art with you.

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Rustic Fine Art
by Todd Ridge

Todd creates a unique blend of nostalgic farmhouse art with a modern rustic twist.

At the heart of landscape photographer Todd Ridge’s art lies his appreciation and love for the simple, pure beauty of the natural world around us. Born in Marion, Virginia, he discovered the pleasure of trout fishing at an early age, and spent many hours absorbing the timeless beauty of the mountain streams he fished. At the age of twelve his family moved away from rural Virginia, and settled in the fast-paced urban city of Atlanta, Georgia. Here, it was not long before Todd felt a deep homesickness for the daily bond with nature that he had left behind.



Rural Road Art

Limited Edition
Rustic Art Prints

Todd's Limited Edition Prints are held to 50, 100 or 200 total pieces. Prices are subject to increase as an edition inventory begins to sell out.

Todd recently started selling select limited edition rustic art prints that are personal to his journey as an artist. Click below to view Todd’s available works and to purchase his limited edition rustic fine art prints. Click on each image to view available sizes and pricing information. Please share with your family and friends. If you are looking for a custom piece of art or special size, do not hesitate to reach out to Todd. He’s available seven days a week and is quick to answer the phone or return messages.

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Todd works with clients and businesses to produce larger print sizes. Contact Todd to learn more.