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In His Presence

Black and White Church Art Prints


In His Presence by Todd Ridge

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Black and White Church Pew Art Prints

Reflection and prayer is very dear to us. It is nice to know we are not alone in our troubles. "In His Presence" remind us that we are not alone and will never be alone as long as we seek him. The beautifully rustic church pews are empty, yet he is there, inviting, waiting. Inside this old country church are the memories of the past, that long ago his faithful sheep sat "In His presence" and every Sunday would faithfully seek him and give him praise. God is waiting for us to return to these pews faithfully and simply, just as the generations before us did and rejoice "In His Presence" again. Rich or poor downtrodden or sinful he will accept us just how we are. This of time church does not have the bells and whistles that you might see in churches today but isn't he still there none the less? It is quiet, it is pure and it is uncomplicated. No noise, no flash, no fanciness just God.

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In His Presence
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